OOTD WEDNESDAY: Untitled January

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Untitled January


On what was probably one of the last perfectly “summer” days of Michigan’s unusual start to winter I decided to try my hand at shooting a few things for the blog. Besides the wind being ridiculously high, the day and weather was perfect. I opted for something rather simple and spruced my dress up with a few accessories. No deep explanation for this post, but I do hope you enjoy the shoot!BTP_0589 BTP_0584 BTP_0582 BTP_0577 BTP_0575 BTP_0556 BTP_0545 BTP_0545-2 BTP_0534 BTP_0530 BTP_0529 BTP_0519 BTP_0515 BTP_0476 BTP_0464 BTP_0457 BTP_0455

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MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: 3 Game Changing Products for Perfectly Matte Skin

MAKE ME OVER MONDAY:  3 Game Changing Products for Perfectly Matte Skin


There will come a time in every makeup enthusiast’s life when they will go on a journey. The trek is a long and mystical quest far and wide to find the absolute perfect product to achieve matte skin. Some won’t be able to endure this race, for it is only meant for the strong while others will grow weary and give up their fight. But there is hope, a small faint but growing light at the end of the tunnel. For I have ran the race, and found that sparkling pot of matte makeup gold and will share it with you below! Continue on my beauty friends and read up on my Top 3 Game Changing Products for Perfectly Matte Skin! ( Yes, I know I’m tad bit dramatic, but I bet you read along)

Make Up Forever  HD Microfinish Powder $20- $35

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder 0.14 oz - mini MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder

I tried wearing this product for the first time on my birthday. That night I wore a foundation that usually leaves my skin super shiny by the end of the night, but this product kept everything 100% in place. I like it because it is colorless unlike many of its translucent cousins. Try it if you get the chance.

BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector $15- $36becca-cosmetics-ever-matte-poreless-priming-perfector_1569_1

I adore this primer! I pair it with their Ultimate Complexion Foundation which has a satin finish and struck gold. This primer goes the distance and I have sworn by it ever since. Before making the investment, grab a sample from your local Sephora.

BEN NYE Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer- $7.50ben nye final seal

Many people swear by Fix + to finish off their makeup. But the Final Seal product by Ben Nye has changed the game for me.  It truly provides a long lasting matte seal that prevents your makeup from going anywhere. I love this stuff!

What did I miss? What are some of you matte product MUST HAVES?



This feature means A LOT to me, but for deeper reasons than one might think. It is a manifestation of a few personal and spiritual lessons I’ve learned on how all things come to fruition in the exact moment that they are supposed to, and not a second sooner.  You see, I didn’t ask to be in this issue, wasn’t expecting it, and had no clue that it would even happen. Isn’t that amazing?!? It is to me! A few months prior to this, I felt super anxious and unsure about my blog. Frankly, I was over it. I knew that things needed to change in order for it to be taken to the next level. So I made it a point to put more effort into my posts even if that meant not posting as often, and to use more quality photos. Both things happened and I was content with my progress. I also decided to stop comparing my blog to others, worrying about numbers, who liked marie-claire-logowhat, and thinking that it would become X if only Z happened. I let go. I made a conscience effort to just go with the flow. And guess what happened…everything that I worried about started to turn around! Then one super random day, I got an UNEXPECTED email.

“This is so and so from Marie Claire Magazine (Ummmm excuse me)…we have noticed your blog (But I don’t have a gazillion followers) we will be coming to Detroit, would you like to shoot for the magazine (Is this foreal? Uhhhh YES!)…and just like that it happened.

What you should take away from this is that there is ALWAYS something to be excited about!  And just like my baby blog, in life, relationships, jobs, etc… you can’t force anything to happen that isn’t supposed to be. You have to have faith that what will be WILL! Take it from me, this is muchhhhh easier to type and read than it actually is to do, and I still have to remind myself of my discoveries daily, but it’s the truth! I strongly feel that my urge to change and become better helped to prepare me for Marie Claire, and that this moment will prepare me for the next. I hope it helps you on your journey and that you feel apart of mine. Thank you for reading!


– Kori

BTP_1249 20160111_191602_resizedDo you have a Marie Claire moment of your own? Do share!!!!

MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: Top Beauty Products to Try in the Year

MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: Top Beauty Products to Try in the Year


With the New Year comes excitement, and what’s more exciting than new makeup?!?! At this point, I’m a total lost cause and fully embrace my makeup hoarding tendencies. I cannot wait to get my hands on the following products and share with you guys of course. Take a look at my list below and share which ones you can’t wait to try!

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint NARS-Velvet-Matte-Skin-Tint-Product-Shot-US-SPF-30-tif

Think tinted moisturizer… but matte. I will certainly be trying this product out! Continue reading “MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: Top Beauty Products to Try in the Year”




This year has been one for the BOOKS! Instead of boring you with a full NYE monologue that I’m sure you’ve read a million times by now, I will quickly run down a few random things I’ve learned about myself and life. Oh and look at a few of my pics when you’re done! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What I Know To Be True Thus Far (In my best Oprah voice)…

  • I am a creative person. I MUST create, draw, paint, cut, glue something with my two hands to feel like myself…
  • Being kind is key!
  • Things will come when they are supposed to. Relax Chile!
  • I can’t do it ALL as much as I try. Working hard is wonderful, but so is sleeping. Plus I’m a hot mess when I’m tired. lol
  • My family means more and more to me every day. I NEED for them to be okay, healthy, safe, happy. They’re my entire world.
  • My quiet time is super important! Shutting things down is an absolute MUST!
  • Boundaries are crucial. People will take more than they ask and you have to say NO! (Still working on this one)
  • I am enough as I am. I don’t have to DO to BE! God knew what he was doing and I have to trust him. Period

Ok…enough for now! Enjoy my first post of the year!!!! Make the most of yours!!!

  • Creatively, Kori

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The Scene: CLUBHAUS Detroit Saturday Night Brunch and HausParty

The Scene: CLUBHAUS Detroit Saturday Night Brunch and HausParty


11665415_1686044064964393_4851600003020015546_nThis coming Saturday night, I will be attending the CLUBHAUS Detroit Saturday Night Brunch and HAUSParty. It is a 6 course secret dinner and party for professionals in and around the city. I’ve heard nothing but great things from those who have attended in the past and look forward to seeing how the event will be. Stay tuned to my IG and follow along as I post all about it! Until then, read my Q&A with the events organizers. Enjoy!cluhaus menu

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OOTD WEDNESDAY: Holiday Chic With United Front

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Holiday Chic With United Front


This Saturday I will partner with the online boutique United Front as they host their Network Into The New Year event. There, attendees will come network and enjoy champagne while learning how to dress for your body shape during a style segment and blogger panel. I love being able to work with UnitedFront because “they deduct a donation from each purchase total and give it to a deserving charity. Thus, providing a guilt free shopping experience that allows you to look amazing and help some amazing people.” Great right!?!?! I’m really excited and a little nervous. So come out ask questions and support your girl!

Just to get you revved up, check out my shoot with the brand and their new Winter 15 Collection. Clothing will be available, so don’t miss out!

Saturday, December 19, 2015 from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM                   Café Con Leche – 2990 West Grand Boulevard Detroit, MI 48202 Register for Free Now!

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