Why I Needed AfroPunk Over Fashion Week This Year

Why I Needed AfroPunk Over Fashion Week This Year

This past weekend I got a chance to attend my second AfroPunk Festival and it was absolutely everything. Since I’m not yet rolling in dough and the festival and Fashion Week fell a week apart, I had a tough decision to make. Fashion Week or AfroPunk? Although I went back and forth over it, I opted to attend AfroPunk. This year has undoubtedly been a doozy for minorities especially as it pertains to African-Americans. Between the growing unrest brewing within the country over police brutality, and the upcoming election, I checked out. I pride myself on being able to hold my emotions together and remain pretty poised in most situations, but the weight of what was going on got to me. So much so, that I completely lost it in the parking lot at work. Continue reading “Why I Needed AfroPunk Over Fashion Week This Year”

Cass Tech Prom Glam Suite

Cass Tech Prom Glam Suite

GlamSuite-02Senior prom is important, especially if you’ve never been before. Even if it’s been years since your high school prom, I’m sure you can relate to the anticipation and curiosity of what it would be like. In frank, it is a HUGE deal! For many, prom was the first time they pulled out all the stops and had the full beauty and style treatment from head to toe. Knowing this, I still get just as excited for others especially young ladies when it comes to their special day.  With that said, it is an honor to announce the inaugural year of the  Cass Tech Glam Suite! The suite is designed to connect professional alumnae with graduating senior women who exhibit strong academic and moral character. Services provided at no cost to recipients will include but are not limited to makeup, hair, massage therapy, and wardrobe styling. The Glam Suites’ mission is to provide impeccable services for Cass Tech students from Cass Tech Alumni. Currently the suite is designated for CT students only but hopes to include other Detroit Public Schools in the future. Please stay tuned to the blog for all updates and make sure to check out the fabulous sponsors below who all happened to grace the halls of the illustrious CT!

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Because I Knew You… To Daisy, Love Kori

Because I Knew You… To Daisy, Love Kori
When Daisy and I first met in 2009.

It has taken me a little while to wrap my mind around you not being here. I’m sorry that this is coming so late, but I wanted it to be right. You should know that you’ve changed me. Knowing you made me better and gave me the opportunity to look at myself and what I have to offer the world differently. Although I kicked and screamed, you pulled something out of me that I never knew existed. I appreciate you for making me so uncomfortable both then and now. Because of you I can’t go back, I have to do better. Thank you for allowing me into your space and head. And for allowing me to learn and soak up as much as I could about the industry. For taking me along to meetings and events, trusting me with your brand, teaching me how to pull for television, showing me that you can still love God and fashion, demanding excellence, but most importantly for pushing me to write. To be honest, I thought I knew everything! (lol) Yet you were so gracious and patient. You never compromised your expectations and forced me to rise up and learn the industry’s standards and best practices. I saw you hustle and make it look effortless. You taught me how to be effective and efficient, and that I should always have a purpose behind everything that I did no matter how minute.

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Pink Pump Logo

By now, you know that I love to support women especially those in business. So as soon as I heard about Pink Pump reopening, I had to reach out to the new owners Kelly and Vincent. I can assure you that the brand that we grew to know and love has only gotten better! The new Pink Pump still offers uber chic pieces, killer accessories, and of course to die for SHOOOOOEEEESSS!  There were several moments while shooting that I paused to talk myself out of emptying out my bank account on the entire store. You’ll see why very  shortly… Stocked with some of the latest styles that have literally been ripped from the runways, Pink Pump offers exclusive merchandise and brands that you won’t be able to get without a connect. Do yourself a favor after reading this post and visit the store for yourself!

But until then, check out my exclusive interview with beauty and brains owner Kelly take a glance at some of the amazing merchandise!

Dress: $75.90 Shoes: BCBGMaxzria Studded Sandal $155.00

Photo Credit: Bruce Turner Photography

Skirt: $45.90, Shoes: BCBGMaxazria $185

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OOTD WEDNESDAY: Untitled January

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Untitled January


On what was probably one of the last perfectly “summer” days of Michigan’s unusual start to winter I decided to try my hand at shooting a few things for the blog. Besides the wind being ridiculously high, the day and weather was perfect. I opted for something rather simple and spruced my dress up with a few accessories. No deep explanation for this post, but I do hope you enjoy the shoot!BTP_0589 BTP_0584 BTP_0582 BTP_0577 BTP_0575 BTP_0556 BTP_0545 BTP_0545-2 BTP_0534 BTP_0530 BTP_0529 BTP_0519 BTP_0515 BTP_0476 BTP_0464 BTP_0457 BTP_0455

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This feature means A LOT to me, but for deeper reasons than one might think. It is a manifestation of a few personal and spiritual lessons I’ve learned on how all things come to fruition in the exact moment that they are supposed to, and not a second sooner.  You see, I didn’t ask to be in this issue, wasn’t expecting it, and had no clue that it would even happen. Isn’t that amazing?!? It is to me! A few months prior to this, I felt super anxious and unsure about my blog. Frankly, I was over it. I knew that things needed to change in order for it to be taken to the next level. So I made it a point to put more effort into my posts even if that meant not posting as often, and to use more quality photos. Both things happened and I was content with my progress. I also decided to stop comparing my blog to others, worrying about numbers, who liked marie-claire-logowhat, and thinking that it would become X if only Z happened. I let go. I made a conscience effort to just go with the flow. And guess what happened…everything that I worried about started to turn around! Then one super random day, I got an UNEXPECTED email.

“This is so and so from Marie Claire Magazine (Ummmm excuse me)…we have noticed your blog (But I don’t have a gazillion followers) we will be coming to Detroit, would you like to shoot for the magazine (Is this foreal? Uhhhh YES!)…and just like that it happened.

What you should take away from this is that there is ALWAYS something to be excited about!  And just like my baby blog, in life, relationships, jobs, etc… you can’t force anything to happen that isn’t supposed to be. You have to have faith that what will be WILL! Take it from me, this is muchhhhh easier to type and read than it actually is to do, and I still have to remind myself of my discoveries daily, but it’s the truth! I strongly feel that my urge to change and become better helped to prepare me for Marie Claire, and that this moment will prepare me for the next. I hope it helps you on your journey and that you feel apart of mine. Thank you for reading!


– Kori

BTP_1249 20160111_191602_resizedDo you have a Marie Claire moment of your own? Do share!!!!