The Scene: CLUBHAUS Detroit Saturday Night Brunch and HausParty

The Scene: CLUBHAUS Detroit Saturday Night Brunch and HausParty


11665415_1686044064964393_4851600003020015546_nThis coming Saturday night, I will be attending the CLUBHAUS Detroit Saturday Night Brunch and HAUSParty. It is a 6 course secret dinner and party for professionals in and around the city. I’ve heard nothing but great things from those who have attended in the past and look forward to seeing how the event will be. Stay tuned to my IG and follow along as I post all about it! Until then, read my Q&A with the events organizers. Enjoy!cluhaus menu

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MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: MUST HAVE Mascaras You’d Be A Fool Not To Own


When it comes to a beautiful makeup application, the eyes definitely are a focal point and have the power to frame the face. That being said, there is NOTHING like a really good sultry mascara that really helps to seal the deal and lure people in. Coming across said mascara with the perfect balance between formula and brush  can be an entirely different story. Well that’s where I come in! Having been around the “makeup block” a few times, I can spot a good mascara a mile away! Get into my top picks of some of the best on the market below:

MUF MascaraMake-Up-For-Ever-Smoky-Extravagant-Mascara

This brush speaks volumes. It’s cone shape really has the power to snatch every single lash, and point tip makes it really easy to get those really fine hairs near the tear duct. #MUSTHAVE

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OOTD WEDNESDAY: Americana Style

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Americana Style


This past weekend was Memorial Day and I celebrated by attending my friend Beverly’s music festival. Beb wanted us to wear red, white, and blue and I decided to have fun with the look and add my own little twist to it. The end result of my outfit you can see below, and I have even included links to a few of the pieces below.

Outfit Deets: Dress American Apparel, Shirt Thrifted, Boots Steve Madden – The Troopa Boot, Watch Swatch, Hat Thrifted


So, how do I look?

MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: MAC Cosmetics Permanent Brush Beauties

MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: MAC Cosmetics Permanent Brush Beauties

imageNew Brush Alert! I can… barely…breathe. (Gasp) MAC…. just added (Gasp)…four new brushes to their permanent collection….WHEW! I will forever stand by the belief that a good makeup brush makes all the difference when it comes to a flawless makeup application! So when I found out the my beloved MAC decided to add four new brushes to the collection I lost it. Just thinking of new babies being added to the legacy that iconic staples like the 217 and 150 have created just warms my little makeup heart.  For those who don’t get it, yes it’s that serious, and really is that big of a deal lol. So let’s get to it! Read on to find all the deets about the newest members of the MAC brush family! Eek!

135 Large Flat Powder Brush


The Large Flat Powder Brush is a hand-sculpted natural haired brush that is double-chiseled giving it a paddle like shape.  It is best for more sheer powder applications like  translucent and pressed powders.

Sidenote: This is a bea-u-ti-ful brush! It has a very nice weight to it, and is super soft! Definelty drool-worthy.

137 Long Blending Brush

mac 137The 137 is a natural haired brush perfect for applying powder to pretty much any area of the face.  However its slim build makes it ideal for contouring and adding a bit of concentrated shape and/or color to more specific areas like the hollows of the cheeks and the “3” shape along the perimeter of the face.

221 Mini Tapered Blending Brushmac 221 brush

As it was explained to me, the 221 brush is the perfect companion to the (wait for it)… 217. It was designed for blending  more specific areas of the eye like in the transitional space of a cut crease. It is also made of soft natural fibers with a tapered tip. BUY THIS IN MULTIPLES!

267 Curved Angled Brush

The  curved angeled brush is made of Natrafil, a new synthetic fiber. It mimics a natural haired brush but performs with the benefits of a synthetic brush. It is so unique becasue its curved slope helps it to fit snuggly against the eye. It also can be used with powders, gels and creams. It should be noted that the brush is substantially larger and wider than the 266 and 263,  so if you are looking for a super thin and precise line this may not be your best option. It creates a thicker line than the aformentioned brushes.

So who else besides me wil be adding these babies to their collection/kits?