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By now, you know that I love to support women especially those in business. So as soon as I heard about Pink Pump reopening, I had to reach out to the new owners Kelly and Vincent. I can assure you that the brand that we grew to know and love has only gotten better! The new Pink Pump still offers uber chic pieces, killer accessories, and of course to die for SHOOOOOEEEESSS!  There were several moments while shooting that I paused to talk myself out of emptying out my bank account on the entire store. You’ll see why very  shortly… Stocked with some of the latest styles that have literally been ripped from the runways, Pink Pump offers exclusive merchandise and brands that you won’t be able to get without a connect. Do yourself a favor after reading this post and visit the store for yourself!

But until then, check out my exclusive interview with beauty and brains owner Kelly take a glance at some of the amazing merchandise!

Dress: $75.90 Shoes: BCBGMaxzria Studded Sandal $155.00

Photo Credit: Bruce Turner Photography

Skirt: $45.90, Shoes: BCBGMaxazria $185

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OOTD WEDNESDAY: Untitled January

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Untitled January


On what was probably one of the last perfectly “summer” days of Michigan’s unusual start to winter I decided to try my hand at shooting a few things for the blog. Besides the wind being ridiculously high, the day and weather was perfect. I opted for something rather simple and spruced my dress up with a few accessories. No deep explanation for this post, but I do hope you enjoy the shoot!BTP_0589 BTP_0584 BTP_0582 BTP_0577 BTP_0575 BTP_0556 BTP_0545 BTP_0545-2 BTP_0534 BTP_0530 BTP_0529 BTP_0519 BTP_0515 BTP_0476 BTP_0464 BTP_0457 BTP_0455

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This year has been one for the BOOKS! Instead of boring you with a full NYE monologue that I’m sure you’ve read a million times by now, I will quickly run down a few random things I’ve learned about myself and life. Oh and look at a few of my pics when you’re done! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What I Know To Be True Thus Far (In my best Oprah voice)…

  • I am a creative person. I MUST create, draw, paint, cut, glue something with my two hands to feel like myself…
  • Being kind is key!
  • Things will come when they are supposed to. Relax Chile!
  • I can’t do it ALL as much as I try. Working hard is wonderful, but so is sleeping. Plus I’m a hot mess when I’m tired. lol
  • My family means more and more to me every day. I NEED for them to be okay, healthy, safe, happy. They’re my entire world.
  • My quiet time is super important! Shutting things down is an absolute MUST!
  • Boundaries are crucial. People will take more than they ask and you have to say NO! (Still working on this one)
  • I am enough as I am. I don’t have to DO to BE! God knew what he was doing and I have to trust him. Period

Ok…enough for now! Enjoy my first post of the year!!!! Make the most of yours!!!

  • Creatively, Kori

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OOTD: My Fall Statement Outerwear Haul

OOTD: My Fall Statement Outerwear Haul


This fall the weather has been extremely mild and absolutely beautiful (knocks on wood). So armed with a pair of jeans and t-shirt,  I decided to shoot some of my favorite coats from my statement outerwear haul.  All of the following pieces were thrifted and paired with a few of my go-to accessories. I love finding coats from quality vintage shops because I know there won’t be anyone else wearing them, and that they will be well made. Take a look at how I paired things together, I hope you enjoy!

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Do you have a great statement coat jewel? What makes it magical?

OOTD: Flying Freely with RocknRemix

OOTD:  Flying Freely with RocknRemix


fly freely
Fly Freely Sweatshirt

When designer Char Glover of Project Runway contacted me with the opportunity to preview and style a piece from her newest line of clothing RockNRemix, I almost jumped through the phone. Number one I’m a fan, two she makes BOMB clothing, and three I love supporting anyone from Detroit, especially when they are of
substance. Through our brief interactions  we’ve had a chance to bond and encourage each other as we move along our fashion
journeys. Not only does her work speak, but her story is quite inspiring. While you view my looks I would strongly suggest that you take the time check out RockNRemix for yourself and support the work of this amazing designer. Thank you Char!

Want to learn more about Char? Check out my exclusive interview with the designer here

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OOTD Wednesday NYFW Edition: ESSENCE Street Style Block Party

OOTD Wednesday NYFW Edition: ESSENCE Street Style Block Party

essence block party hero

During NYFW, I got a chance to go the ESSENCE Street Style Block Party. I will try to do my best to describe how I felt and what I saw while there…to be honest I was completely overwhelmed the entire time. It was TOO much! Talk about sensory overload. I couldn’t take it. In every direction there was fashion, individuality, personality, hair, skin, makeup, accessories! I was in heaven.  Besides all of the fabulous fashion, I appreciated how inclusive everyone was of one another. That is the one thing that I really enjoy about visiting larger fashion driven cities, the idea that however you may be feeling and want to express is not only accepted, but the norm. Let me explain…there was one attendee for example, who wore a Daffy Duck dress with tiered ruffle trim. To most in places other than NY, this would be outlandish, but in this particular atmosphere, it was not really even noticed. It was the norm. The right to wake up and wear whatever you want and go is freeing. Yes this post is about some of my favorite looks from that day, but what I wish for you reading to leave with is more of an open mind of those who do look like you, and those who do not. Enjoy!


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wpid-wp-1443646243701.jpgWhich looks are your favorites and why?

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Styling w/ Loeche Boutique


Draped Bodysuit $26.00, Suede Wrap Skirt $22, Bangles $ .50, Steve Madden Pumps, $48, Necklace $14

I love to shop, there are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. So when I come across a retailer that I know can deliver what I’m looking for, I feel it my obligatory duty to share with my fellow fashion lovers! Loeche Boutique is one of my go-to spots. It is a super cute store located in downtown Royal Oak, that specializes in women’s clothing and accessories. And I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find at least one if not several things that you’ll want to take home when you visit! Unlike a lot of boutiques Loeche is very reasonably priced, and offers a rewards program where you earn points and $ when you shop and refer friends. Shoppers also receive revolving monthly gifts with their purchases which include small tokens or even store gift cards! As you can tell, I can gush about this store all day, but I’ll let you be the judge on the clothing. Take a look at my shoot for Loeche Boutique! Special thanks to the amazing staff in the store for all their help and to my photographer and father!

                                                                  VISIT LOCHE!                                                                   206 W 11 Mile Rd. Royal Oak, MI 48067

                                                                    Su | 12pm- 6pm                                                                                                                        M | Closed                                                                                                                         Tu/W | 10am – 6pm                                                         Th/F/Sa | 10am – 8pm

Jumpsuit $26.99, Necklace $14, Hoop Earrings $8, Bangles $. 50

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How do I look?