WRITING REWIND: Why We’re Obsessed With This Fresh Jewelry Brand

WRITING REWIND: Why We’re Obsessed With This Fresh Jewelry Brand

Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 5.26.07 PMThere are two types of people in the jewelry industry: Those with a long lineage of jewelry making with strong connections in the precious metal and stone world. And self-starters who have a unique aesthetic, clear vision and practical business plan.

Meena Osei-Kuffour is the latter. As the founder and designer of Vintage Royalty Jewelry she has evolved the company from its original focus of handmade paper accessories to include metal work, stones, and beading. Making regular appearances at festivals including the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, AfroPunk, and Sweet Spot Festival, the recently relaunched line draws inspiration from everything from Salvador Dali to the Ivory Coast of West Africa.

Her pieces speak of art, history, world travel, and high fashion without loosing their vintage flair. Approachable yet affordable, Vintage Royalty’s beauty lies in its constant evolution. Meena who started the line in 2006 knew that it was time for her brand to move in a new direction saying, “I have decided to completely change the form of jewelry which I was known for to create strong, classic, pulled together collection that I think would pair perfectly with a stylish 20 or 30 something year old woman.”

The relaunching of this line was particularly important to Meena, because it shows not only the growth of her line but of herself as an artist.

“Throughout my entire career as a jewelry designer, I had been trying to define what kind of creator I was. I feel this line introduces me as a real jewelry designer. I want people to feel what I felt when I created the pieces; I want them to imagine just like I did. And I think this collection does just that.”

If you are into conversation-starting jewelry, and are attracted to color, shape, and prints we can almost guarantee that you will see something that you like within the Vintage Royalty collection online. If you happen to be in the D. C. area, you can also shop the collection at the Nomad Yard Collectiv boutique.

Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 5.25.58 PMStyleBlazer candidly spoke to Osei-Kuffour about her success, lessons learned and future plans.

On her background: “I am from the suburbs of Chicago, born and raised.  I studied Fashion Marketing in college and have done many internships in shaping my fashion knowledge.”

On what her creative process is like: “My creative process begins with a cluster of ideas and inspirations.  I usually try to narrow it down to a theme of some sort, then I start with sketching some jewelry aesthetics and it goes from there. Usually there is not a certain time or place that helps me. I used a lot of mixed media in this collection. Taking inspirations from India, Africa, and religions like Buddhism.”

On challenges she’s faced: “I continue to face multiple challenges developing the brand. I feel everyone does. You can never be 100 percent, there’s always something to improve on. My challenge lately has been Marketing. I need to do it more and more and more to compete with all the other jewelry designers out there. So finding the right people to help market my line and finding the time to market it myself has definitely been my biggest challenge.”

On her future plans for Vintage Royalty: “I hope to have my pieces in boutiques worldwide or in my own free-standing store. For myself, I want to learn as much as I can in art and business. Both of these I studied in school, but I just want to learn by travel and taking different artistic lessons.”

On advice she has for up-and-coming jewelry designers: “Plan Plan Plan. Never jump into anything no matter how eager you may feel. Business plan is a great start. And never stop developing your brand.”

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Accessorizing with Monica Lynn’s Jewelry

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Accessorizing with Monica Lynn’s Jewelry
Rachael, $24
Rachael, $24

I love one of a kind clothing and accessories, and I especially love coming across things that are made by hand. Monica Lynn’s is a handmade jewelry line carefully crafted by designer Monica Williams. She finds creating pieces to be therapeutic and makes standout designs using everything from chains, yarn, and even tassels. Monica was kind enough to send me over her Heather earring to model and accessorize, I absolutely love them and feel super cute with them on. Check them out below and view her other earrings!

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Be sure to follow Monica Lynn’s online and shop her store!

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Stylin’ at The Chic Boutique

OOTD WEDNESDAY: Stylin’ at The Chic Boutique

chic boutique CollageI love supporting local businesses especially when it comes to helping fellow Technicians (my high school alma mater). My friend Zahkiya recently opened up a new store called Chic Boutique in Oakland Mall,  and allowed me to feature her clothing in my OOTD Wednesday Post. Her store is filled with super cute clothing and accessories, and I am certain that you can find exactly what you need for yourself or those in need of a last minute holiday gift. Get into the looks that I pulled below for this installment of OOTD Wednesday. 



IMG_0179So how did I do?


TIP DU JOUR TUESDAY: Royal Blue for Autumn/Winter 2014

TIP DU JOUR TUESDAY: Royal Blue for Autumn/Winter 2014

blue runway


Pantone has spoken and the next big color for Fall/Autumn 2014 is Royal Blue. The dynamic shade not only is attention grabbing but works well on a wide variety of skintones. How amazing would a royal leather jacket be with a pair of skinnies and combat boots? Or worn in the form of a clutch or bracelet for those who are a bit more color shy. Any way you spin it, Royal Blue works and would look great on you! Check out my top picks in accessories in this fabulous color.

Blu Bijoux Royal Braided Chain and Stud Bracelet, $14NECKLACE Blu_Bijoux_Apr182012_0037MRoyal Blue Hue Box, $385royal-blue-hue-box_1399200778_1Sergio Rossi Mermaid, $1125How would you wear your royal blue?

TIP DU JOUR TUESDAY: Epic Fedora’s For Fall

TIP DU JOUR TUESDAY: Epic Fedora’s For Fall

felt fedoraLast night a fedora saved my life. Have you ever been in between a rock and a hair appointment, but STILL had to go out and be seen somewhere? Well thank the fashion heavens that one of Fall’s biggest trends in accessories happens to be the oversized large felt fedora.  Not only are fedora’s clutch when it comes to pulling a look together fast, but they also are super chic, and a bit mysterious. Shop my top picks for felt fedoras below!

Plumage Felt  Fedora, $42.50

swell fedora

Wide- Brim Wool Fedora, $14.80


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TIP DU JOUR TUESDAY: Fashion Secret Weapons

TIP DU JOUR TUESDAY: Fashion Secret Weapons


We all have those days, when you barely feel like leaving bed, and getting dressed  is the last thing on your mind. For those times, having a few fashion secret weapons tucked away in your closet not only saves time, but takes the pressure off when you don’t really feel like thinking about what to wear. A fashion secret weapon is any one piece of clothing or accessory that has the potential to pull you together with minimal effort. Think of it this way, if all you had on were a pair of jean and white tank your fashion secret weapon could be anything from a great leather jacket to a pair of over the knee boot! Check out a few statement pieces that have major potential to become your next fashion secret weapon.

New Look Gold Contrast Gem Chain Necklace, $40.00

gold chain necklace


Mossimo Supply Co.Fringe Crossbody Handbag, $26.99Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 5.17.30 AM

Rivers Island Yellow Leather Biker Jacket, $260.00river-island-yellow-bright-yellow-zipped-collar-biker-jacket-product-1-18408003-0-508637627-normal_large_flexMANGO TriColor Leather Gloves, $59.99mango tricolor leather gloves

What is one item of clothing that you know will instantly take you from drab to fab?