On what was probably one of the last perfectly “summer” days of Michigan’s unusual start to winter I decided to try my hand at shooting a few things for the blog. Besides the wind being ridiculously high, the day and weather was perfect. I opted for something rather simple and spruced my dress up with a few accessories. No deep explanation for this post, but I do hope you enjoy the shoot!BTP_0589 BTP_0584 BTP_0582 BTP_0577 BTP_0575 BTP_0556 BTP_0545 BTP_0545-2 BTP_0534 BTP_0530 BTP_0529 BTP_0519 BTP_0515 BTP_0476 BTP_0464 BTP_0457 BTP_0455

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3 thoughts on “OOTD WEDNESDAY: Untitled January

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