This year has been one for the BOOKS! Instead of boring you with a full NYE monologue that I’m sure you’ve read a million times by now, I will quickly run down a few random things I’ve learned about myself and life. Oh and look at a few of my pics when you’re done! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What I Know To Be True Thus Far (In my best Oprah voice)…

  • I am a creative person. I MUST create, draw, paint, cut, glue something with my two hands to feel like myself…
  • Being kind is key!
  • Things will come when they are supposed to. Relax Chile!
  • I can’t do it ALL as much as I try. Working hard is wonderful, but so is sleeping. Plus I’m a hot mess when I’m tired. lol
  • My family means more and more to me every day. I NEED for them to be okay, healthy, safe, happy. They’re my entire world.
  • My quiet time is super important! Shutting things down is an absolute MUST!
  • Boundaries are crucial. People will take more than they ask and you have to say NO! (Still working on this one)
  • I am enough as I am. I don’t have to DO to BE! God knew what he was doing and I have to trust him. Period

Ok…enough for now! Enjoy my first post of the year!!!! Make the most of yours!!!

  • Creatively, Kori



BTP_9514 (1)BTP_9718BTP_9568BTP_9400



BTP_9789 (1)

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