essence block party hero

During NYFW, I got a chance to go the ESSENCE Street Style Block Party. I will try to do my best to describe how I felt and what I saw while there…to be honest I was completely overwhelmed the entire time. It was TOO much! Talk about sensory overload. I couldn’t take it. In every direction there was fashion, individuality, personality, hair, skin, makeup, accessories! I was in heaven. Β Besides all of the fabulous fashion, I appreciated how inclusive everyone was of one another. That is the one thing that I really enjoy about visiting larger fashion driven cities, the idea that however you may be feeling and want to express is not only accepted, but the norm. Let me explain…there was one attendee for example, who wore a Daffy Duck dress with tiered ruffle trim. To most in places other than NY, this would be outlandish, but in this particular atmosphere, it was not really even noticed. It was the norm. The right to wake up and wear whatever you want and go is freeing. Yes this post is about some of my favorite looks from that day, but what I wish for you reading to leave with is more of an open mind of those who do look like you, and those who do not. Enjoy!


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wpid-wp-1443646243701.jpgWhich looks are your favorites and why?

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