See, no perfect skin here! lol Photo Courtesy of Drini Marie @missdrini

Yesterday  while working my second job at MAC I met one of the prettiest  girls ever, and our interaction and conversation was one that mirrored an experience I had 11 years prior.  But this time I played the role of the mother hen MUA and she the role of a teenaged Kori. Like always, when someone approaches, I extend a greeting, swoop in to assess their need, and suggest a product/service. This time was a little different, as soon I was approached Mo and her friend I literally felt like I was talking to my 17 year old self. First off,  Mo was SUPER cute and wayyy more pulled together than I ever dreamt of being at her age, but seemed a little timid. After our initial chit chat, I complimented Mo on her great skin, and she immediately shot me down giving me a million reasons why she was at the counter, what she wanted to change, and sadly why she wasn’t beautiful. My heart dropped. Yes she was cute, but Mo also had other qualities that I witnessed during our brief interaction that made her unique. Once we got to talking, she was extremely bubbly and talkative, sugary sweet, sensitive, and on and on. I could have died because it was so obvious to me that this girl, just like the rest of us was soooooo special and didn’t see it for herself. After a stern but loving talk about inner beauty, and a few tissues later, I felt like I helped to remind Mo and myself of a few lessons that my fairy makeup MUA taught me that day I went shopping for concealer…

Here are a few points that I shared with Mo yesterday that I’ve found to be true about the world of beauty and makeup…

  1. ALL women are beautiful. PERIOD.
  2. Makeup does not equate beauty. Your personality, freckles, quirks, and flaws do!
  3. Take some time and invest in yourself as a person, it will show outwardly. What do you like/don’t like? What are your strengths?
  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing as little or much makeup as YOU deem necessary. Your face your makeup!
  5. Give yourself a break, we all have beauty “off” days and are entitled to them!
  6. No one product is a beauty cure all. Explore your face and master what does and doesn’t work for YOU! Find the right mix of products for your specific needs.
  7. Most  women of color have at least 2-3 different shades within their complexion, so mixing several foundations to find the perfect match is totally normal.
  8. Most celebrities, especially in beauty ads wear a million and one products to give the illusion of flawless skin/beauty. Don’t be fooled.
  9. Have a blemish?  Grab some concealer and keep it moving!

Ok the end for now! What are some of your beauty truths ?

One thought on “MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: Beautifully Flawed

  1. This was a raw, transparent message that every woman should read. We are too hard on ourselves. Well done, and greatly appreciated Kori!


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