When Daisy and I first met in 2009.

It has taken me a little while to wrap my mind around you not being here. I’m sorry that this is coming so late, but I wanted it to be right. You should know that you’ve changed me. Knowing you made me better and gave me the opportunity to look at myself and what I have to offer the world differently. Although I kicked and screamed, you pulled something out of me that I never knew existed. I appreciate you for making me so uncomfortable both then and now. Because of you I can’t go back, I have to do better. Thank you for allowing me into your space and head. And for allowing me to learn and soak up as much as I could about the industry. For taking me along to meetings and events, trusting me with your brand, teaching me how to pull for television, showing me that you can still love God and fashion, demanding excellence, but most importantly for pushing me to write. To be honest, I thought I knew everything! (lol) Yet you were so gracious and patient. You never compromised your expectations and forced me to rise up and learn the industry’s standards and best practices. I saw you hustle and make it look effortless. You taught me how to be effective and efficient, and that I should always have a purpose behind everything that I did no matter how minute.

With Daisy in Los Angeles at the KTLA studios.

You gave me access and sharpened me and I will continue to be proud of you!I love how you carved your own lane and never stopped pursuing your calling despite your circumstance. After learning of your passing, I met someone that worked closely with you during your last days here. She had no idea you were even sick because you remained bubbly and encouraging towards her. The fact that no one knew how much pain you were in, blows my mind. Not because you hid it, but because you made an active decision to respond to someone else’s need despite having your own. That is who you were. I’m sure you didn’t think much of it at the time, but it changed us. I pray that my light helps someone else like yours did. And that my passion and purpose blend together perfectly and still allow me to serve. I thank God for your life, and that he allowed us to cross paths. I prayed that he receive you warmly and that Heaven is more than you could fathom. I will continue to pray for your family, I can only imagine how they must feel… I know I’ve told you before, but thank you so much for everything Daisy, I love you!

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