THE SCENE: Brunch With Friends

THE SCENE: Brunch With Friends
bruch with friends
This week, I’m highlighting the Brunch With Friends series put on by Ms. Andy Ann of The Lifegasms. Simply put, it is a kickback-esque gathering that Andy ย hosts to bring young professionals together with super yummy offerings and of course bottomless mimosas. Her next event is happening this Sunday November 15th for ticket information visit www.brunchwithfriends313.eventbrite.comย . Check out our interview below…
bwf potato salad
Colour By Numbr:ย What is the idea and purpose behind Brunch. ย  ย With Friends?
Andy Ann:ย The ability to actually share and connect becomes less and less as our lives grow hectic so I wanted to create a time and space where we could do just that: connect.ย  In my experience, nothing brings people closer than food and music and I looove both so I figured I’d start there…ย I realized that not only is it a social event but that we are all a pool of resources as well. We are students, artists, entrepreneurs and creators or consumers who can benefit from each other so Brunch is the personification of “pooling our resources”. With that, I’ve witnessed collaborations and business ventures stem from brunch and that makes me incredibly proud.
Colour By Numbr: ย What can people expect?
ย Andy Ann: I host so people can expect to see my smiling face matched with a chill vibe and relaxed surrounding. I choose the playlist and it’s usually something you would rock to from your seat or preferably remember “that’s my jam!” Brunch is served small plates style so that it’s still social and I just want everybody to have a good time so if I’m not making a joke, I will probably be re-filling your mimosa glass!
Colour By Numbr: ย What’s on the menu? Who cooks?
Andy Ann: This menu is fall themed and includes fried chicken and sweet potato waffles, mac and cheese bites, Fresh fruit, a custom BWF slider and creme brรปlรฉe French toast. Each event features a chef for the gourmet items and my team also assists in prep. Members of my team are also professionally trained and certified because, the Department of Health ๐Ÿ˜‰
Colour By Numbr: ย  Tell us about the venue?
Andy Ann: Gibson’s has been longstanding ย in the community and obtaining the venue was a BWF connect itself! We needed a space more fitting and one of the Friends who helps me produce BWF connected me with the new owner, Desmond. When I sat down with him and shared my goals, he was onboard that same day.
Colour By Numbr: ย Anything else you would like readers to know?
Andy Ann:ย  I would like readers to know that there is still positivity in Detroit and it’s not resurging… we never left!
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Will I see you there?