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By now, you know that I love to support women especially those in business. So as soon as I heard about Pink Pump reopening, I had to reach out to the new owners Kelly and Vincent. I can assure you that the brand that we grew to know and love has only gotten better! The new Pink Pump still offers uber chic pieces, killer accessories, and of course to die for SHOOOOOEEEESSS!  There were several moments while shooting that I paused to talk myself out of emptying out my bank account on the entire store. You’ll see why very  shortly… Stocked with some of the latest styles that have literally been ripped from the runways, Pink Pump offers exclusive merchandise and brands that you won’t be able to get without a connect. Do yourself a favor after reading this post and visit the store for yourself!

But until then, check out my exclusive interview with beauty and brains owner Kelly take a glance at some of the amazing merchandise!

Dress: $75.90 Shoes: BCBGMaxzria Studded Sandal $155.00

Photo Credit: Bruce Turner Photography

Skirt: $45.90, Shoes: BCBGMaxazria $185



BTP_0287 (1)
Shoes: Doc Marten $125.00

BTP_0095 (1)



Meet Kelly!MH1_0437

Hi Kelly!!! First things first, thank you for talking to me! Please tell me readers a little bit about yourself! 

I am a brilliant, go-getting woman who was born and grew up in Southfield, Michigan. I attended Mercy – an all girls’ catholic high school. My high school journey solidified me wanting to be a woman who makes a difference but also makes major strides in empowering women. I attended college at Wayne State University majoring in Psychology. I have an educational and service background – from leading Summer Peace Camps at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen to leading an Elementary School.

Coming from an educational background, what caused you to venture into the crazy world of retail?

I have always yearned for entrepreneurship and creating an impactful brand. I love fashion – retail was a given for me! I had countless meetings with my husband, family, mentors and close friends about my desires to open my own business. My thoughts and conversations become my reality. The conversations turned into an opportunity to purchase the intellectual property and naming rights for PINK PUMP. I was inspired by the previous owner and her success story and the positive impact she had in the local community. Timing was everything! I believed in the brand and the brand aligned with who I am as a person. I knew that I could grow the brand and take the brand to the next Level and beyond. I will have many businesses; PINK PUMP is the stepping-stone to many more businesses that will make a difference.

How would you describe your own personal style?

Sophisticated with flair of glamour. I love simple, well-tailored silhouettes. I enjoyed layering bold rings, faux furs, and daring heels with everything. I try to push myself to expand beyond black. I love black! I feel powerful and confident in black. My style is always evolving. I enjoy changing my look quite frequently.

Did you face any challenges developing the Pimp Pump brand?

A major challenge of start-up businesses is the unknown. Although we conducted extensive market research we still did not know the complete picture until the doors open – until actual customers are buying our products. Pink Pump is nestled in a quaint neighborhood community. However, with Pink Pump having several locations we also get many destination shoppers, the differences of these shoppers are diverse. Are buying process is very intentional to appease everyone. As mentioned before I had a background in education. My job was fulfilling and I felt I was making a difference in my student lives. It was risky to become and entrepreneur.

Self doubt sets in. Am I making the best decision, am I capable of running a business? Is this the right time? Turning those self-doubt and negative thoughts into “I will” “I can” become an intentional process to overcome the challenge of self-doubt.

What inspires you?

My fashion inspiration is my grandmother. She’s a gorgeous, spicy, fashion forward lady. Her style is bold. Her walk is graceful. She makes dressing and being stylish seem so effortless. Often times I rummage through her closet before a big event. Her shoe and coat collections are to die for!

What is your ultimate goal for your brand?

2016 is the year of Pink!  We plan to open our second location in downtown or midtown of Detroit. We want to be apart of the resurgence of Detroit. In the near future we plan to host Pink Pump pop-up shops in major cities across the nation. We currently have customers and subscribers that follow Pink Pump through social media and purchase on – we have a strong following in Atlanta, and Cleveland and intend to pop-up there first! The ultimate goal is for Pink Pump to become a franchise and have locations throughout the nation. The master plan for myself is to become a business mogul. I want to be a change agent for my community. Making women feel beautiful and confident is what I do. I want to turn this passion into an empire.

kkAny advice for those going into business?

It’s time to go for it. Start NOW! Change your thoughts from “I wish”, “I hope”, “one day” “maybe”, “not right now”, to simply “I WILL”. Change your habits, wake up earlier, read more often and take steps to develop a plan. Keep a journal – write down all of your ideas and plans. Be reflective on the plans and perfect them. Get a mentor in your desired field and pick their brain and emulate their work habits.

Have any crazy Pink Pump stories??!

Yes! Pink Pump was approached by a LA production company to interview for a reality show. They are interested in following the day-to-day life of Pink Pump. So your favorite boutique may be on TV, too.

What trends can’t you live without?!

One of my favorite trends at the moment is the pointed stiletto pump is back. Although I love a platform heel- there is nothing more elegant and sexy than the pointed pump. I am also loving fringe. Fringe can pop and transform any look.

What can differences should we expect from the new and improved Pink Pump?!

Pink Pump is different because of the new owners of Pink Pump. We are the force behind making Pink Pump successful. My husband and I are visionaries. We offer customers a unique shopping experience. PINK PUMP will expand into a lifestyle brand. PINK PUMP will become a space that generations of women can find something they all love and feel confident in.

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