11665415_1686044064964393_4851600003020015546_nThis coming Saturday night, I will be attending the CLUBHAUS Detroit Saturday Night Brunch and HAUSParty. It is a 6 course secret dinner and party for professionals in and around the city. I’ve heard nothing but great things from those who have attended in the past and look forward to seeing how the event will be. Stay tuned to my IG and follow along as I post all about it! Until then, read my Q&A with the events organizers. Enjoy!cluhaus menu

Colour By Numbr:ย 
What is the idea behind CLUBHAUS ย Detroit?

The premise behind CLUBHAUS Detroit is to provide an exclusive and innovative private professional’s club that will cultivate unity and ignite powerful collaboration amongst Detroitโ€™s Influencers, Innovators and Industry Leaders. Believe it or not, the events are only a small piece of the puzzle of what’s to come for 2016. Right now we’re in the “warm-up” phase. And thanks to our amazing members/supporters like yourself, everything is going great!

Colour By Numbr:
How will this event be different from any other brunch series?

As far as the Saturday Night Brunch, we (the CLUBHAUS Detroit team) consider ourselves Innovators and Influencers, therefore, with every project, we strive to provide a truly exclusive experience that no one else is offering, not just an event. Everybody does a Sunday or even a Saturday brunch, but no one (locally) has put on an intimate Saturday Night Brunch like we’re doing.

11210438_1684657141769752_2373537645597199488_nColour By Numbr:
Howย exactlyย does it work?

Well, first you to need to apply to become a member. But after you’re approved and you register, you can expect:

  1. True networking amongst a beautiful group of progressive and stylish professionals, ready to build and grow with you
  2. Great food and music
  3. Beautiful decor
  4. Delicious cocktails provided by Whiskey Kids (@whiskeykids)
  5. An exclusive, intimate experience, unlike anything else in Detroit
Colour By Numbr:
Who’s cooking and where will the event be?

Menu – It’s a 6-course menu prepared by our resident chef Jacqueline Smith, you can find it here: clubhaussupper.com/themenu

Venue – We don’t disclose the venue until the week of, so we have to keep that secret, our apologies!

Colour By Numbr:
Anything else?

First things first, follow us on Instagram at @clubhausdet and “like” us on Facebook at facebook.com/clubhausdetroit.

Now that that’s out of the way, lol, we encourage all professionals to apply for membership; industry professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, etc. Anyone looking to expand their network, grow their business, build with like-minded professionals or simply just want to attend some new and exclusive events, you need to apply. We have some great things on the horizon that you’ll definitely want to be a part of!
Last but not least, anyone who can’t make the Supper, but still wants to hangout with us that night, we have our HAUSPARTY Afterglow immediately following and it’s only $20 online (until next week). It also comes with a complimentary cocktail during Happy Hour.
I think you guys already know what to do…see you there!


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