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I’m am often asked about fashion events that are going on in the city. I will use my new blog feature THE SCENE to share upcoming events that I believe you would enjoy! First up, I would like to share the upcoming BLUSH Fashion Masquerade party and show. Check out my quick Q & A with BLUSH  designer Michelle Bundy of B. Originale, and get details on the party and show below.

Colour By Numbr: So tell me about the event!!!

Michelle: The event is a fashion masquerade party and it will feature a fashion runway event at midnight. People should expect a hybrid type experience between a party and a fashion show.

Colour By Numbr: I love that you’re having the show at The Russell Industrial Center, what should people expect?

Michelle: The most exciting thing about having an event is the ability to transform the space. With the Russell Industrial Center we are given a blank slate. The space is a bit unfinished and gritty, but if you can appreciate that type of experience it can be quite beautiful.  It is will feel very artistic and very Detroit .

Colour By Numbr: Now let’s talk fashion! Who will be showing?

Michelle: There are three designers including myself Michelle Bundy of B.Originale, Basha Boyd, and Herman Marbury of Ravage. People should expect to see everything from both sides of the fashion spectrum from conservative to  avant garde to.



The Deets:

Blush Fashion Masquerade

Russell Industrial Center

1600 Clay St. Detroit, MI 48211

Saturday November 7th, 2015

Doors open at 9pm and the party ending at 2am
Tickets can be purchased on

 Ticket prices will inflate closer to the event.

One thought on “THE SCENE: BLUSH Fashion Masquerade

  1. “The Scene” is a very informative site. It sounds like this event will be full of energy, excitement, and style. Thanks Colourbynumbr, I..’m anticipating info. for more upcoming events!


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