MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick

ZZdQ8ZywIn classic matte lip fashion, ColourPop has released 25 very affordable ($6.00) liquid lipsticks. The range of colors is simply amazing, from your reds, purples, and those infamous grey-toned nude lipsticks. There are a few dupes in the collection: Trap is a dupe for Lime Crime’s Cashmere, Midi is a dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Pure Hollywood, and Bumble is a dupe for Lime Crime’s Riot. ColourPop is also offering just as much product at 0.11 fl oz as Anastasia Beverly Hills (0.11 fl oz, $20) and Lime Crime (0.088 fl oz, $20) at a third of the price – you really can’t beat that! These lipsticks came out on June 25, 2015, but they have already sold out. I know the company will re-stock, so stay tuned! I can’t wait to purchase Avenue, Lax, Lychee, Zipper, and Trap when they get back in stock!


I really appreciate a company that swatches their product on multiple skin tones! See below for swatches of the 25 shades ColourPop is offering. Β From left to right: Seesaw, Koala, Drive-In, Lychee, Zipper, Tulle, Limbo, Avenue, and LAX.

I’m really wondering how these compare to other liquid lipsticks. Good luck getting them when they come back into stock!

Would you purchase any of these shades?

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