TIP DU JOUR TUESDAY: Vacay Essentials

vacay layout


It’s summer vacay season. Whoop! This means color, print, and more color! There is something so freeing about being in a new environment with nothing but time to explore and be fabulous. When I vacay, I love to really to play around in things a bit more adventurous than my normal wardrobe. vacation Whether you’re planning a weekend rendezvous or European getaway, there are a few essentials that are crucial to ensuring that your vacay wardrobe is complete.

Nails Inc. Gel Nail Polish – Baker Streetgel nail polish

Who doesn’t love bright nails! A pop color on your fingers and toes is a definite MUST. Ot for gel or shellac polish to ensure your color lasts for your entire vacay.

Brian AtwoodScreen shot 2015-05-29 at 9.04.50 PM

Want to know what will make your nails and toes even more vibrant? A statement shoe! Opting for a multi colored heel will allow you the flexibility to wear it with multiple outfits. 

Fendi – Crystal Embellished Cat Eye

Ahhhhhh statement shades  are so clutch for chilling poolside or on the beach. Protecting your eye stylishly is a definite fashion DO for summer.

Roberto Cavalligreen maxi dress

For those cool summer nights that are perfect for lounging, the fashion gods invented tropical printed maxi’s.  Maxi dresses are so essential  because they combine both comfort and style.

MAC – Morange 

Last but definitely not least, I must mention the MUST-HAVE vacay lippie. Choose a shade that will not only compliment your complexion. Corals, reds, and even purples are all great shades to choose from.

What are you taking on your next vacation?

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