I am truly a lipstick collector at heart, but I have been in a bit of a rut lately. Between the liquid lipstick craze and companies making the same shades, I really haven’t seen anything worth purchasing. Well… it seems as if the MAC Gods have answered my prayers once again with the release of The Matte Lip Collection (2015). This collection features 22 classic suede-like finish shades, with 12 new Matte and Retro Matte Lipsticks ($16). MAC promises a pop of colour that will linger on your lips with impressive staying power. See the list below for lipsticks in the collection, separated my Matte and Retro Matte Finishes. Any italicized lipsticks are new to MAC. I will also be listing MAC dupes for those that don’t want to have identical shades in their collection. Feast your eyes on the sophisticated allure of matte!

Retro Matte | Matte | New

  1. Runway Hit – light nude matte
  2. Kinda Sexy – neutral pinky rose
  3. Steady Going – light pink matte
  4. Please Me – muted rose tinted pink
  5. Naturally Transformed – muted golden beige
  6. Velvet Teddy – deep-tone beige
  7. Men Love Mystery – lavender violet (Dupe: MAC Up The Amp)
  8. Pink Pigeon – bright cleanest pink
  9. Tropic Tonic – full power coral
  10. Flat Out Fabulous – bright plum matte
  11. All Fired Up – bright fuchsia matte
  12. D for Danger – brick matte
  13. Stone – muted grayish taupe brown
  14. Whirl – dirty rose
  15. Persistence – peachy cinnamon
  16. Dangerous – orangey red matte
  17. Ruby Woo – very matte vivid blue
  18. Heroine – bright purple
  19. Studded Kiss – dark oxblood red
  20. Antique Velvet – intense brown (Dupe: MAC Film Noir)
  21. Instigator – deep blackened plum (Dupe: MAC Cyber)
  22. Matte Royal – deep blue

summer2015_macthemattelip003 summer2015_macthemattelip004 summer2015_macthemattelip005 summer2015_macthemattelip006 summer2015_macthemattelip007

Pictured in order of list above.

Do you see any lipsticks you want? I need Stone in my life!!!

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