ATT_1432686001461_20150525_185729I absolutely love to go thrift shopping and not to toot my own horn (toot toot), but over the years I have become pretty good at it. Besides saving a ton of money, I love thrifting because it always renders one of a kind pieces that no one else will have. Not to mention, it literally is like going on a fashion safari! (I’m dead serious) Thrift shopping is an artform, that takes a bit of creative thinking and patience. Have you always wanted to try, but don’t know where to start? Take note of these few helpful hints, and when you’re done take a look at my latest haul.

Be Free!

Thrift stores unlike regular mass retailers literally have racks and racks of one of a kind merchandise. The best way to tackle this unique shopping experience is by ridding yourself of any expectations of what you will find.  Go in with a general idea of what you want instead of a specific one….DO “I need a really cute top to wear”…DON’T “I need a double-breasted royal blue blazer, with exaggerated lapels” Free your mind chile!

Buy What You Normally Would

It is easy while thrift shopping to get caught up in how cheap and cool everything is. This make it very easy to accumulate mountains of clothes that you have no room for at home when you leave. Avoid this but only purchasing items that you are in love with and would buy if they were full price. Check for rips, stains, and possible damage with everything that you pick up.

Know When To Go

There are always peak shopping days to go thrifting. Whether it be that you’re a student, woman, veteran, or senior citizen, there’s a discount day with your name on it. Even better is the fact that most chains including the Salvation Army offer 50% during most major holidays.

Say No to Germs!

Wash and dry everything before wearing it! For an extra layer of precaution, steaming seams also helps to sanitize your new treasures!

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