What do you do when you have on a cute outfit, perfectย lighting, and your blogger friend has her camera out?!?! Have a mini photoshoot that’s what! Aside from being a blogger and visual stylist, I also do makeup, which often calls for me to wear all black. You can only wear black so many ways before you need to get inventive. I like to mix texture, embellishment, and juxtapose contrasting ideas when wearing all black everything. For this particular look I mixed all three together and once. My texture was brought into my outfit via my black lace dress. Just to make things a bit more edgy I threw on my studded leather jacket, and to take things a bit further I added my combat boots to the mix. Because afterall, who would expect to see a lace dress and combat boots together in the same outfit?!? Me that’s who! Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you to Ms. Jireh DeJose of Fashion Meets God for taking my pics!


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