f2917b3c84dd5e9b6f8334b0be93c067Lipstick is my all time favorite beauty product! A great lip can easily make or break your look. Often times, I hear a lot of dark skin WOC (women of color) say they can’t wear certain shades because of their skin tone. I thoroughly believe that dark skin women can wear the same shades as other skin tones, we just have to find the right shade. Yes, we can wear nudes but we have to wear nudes that compliment us! I chose a range of lipsticks that I think look great on darker skin tones (these are also the shades that many feel they can’t wear – your bright pinks, nudes and the perfect red).

Lipsticks for Dark Skin Swatches


Heroine x MAC ($15) – A matte bright purple lipstick that looks beautiful on dark skin tones. It is a fan favorite and a must have in my book. It provides the perfect pop of color without being too ostentatious.




Velvet Teddy x MAC ($15) – This matte deep-toned beige is the perfect nude. I keep re-buying this lipstick because I can’t live without it! Use with a warm-toned brown lip liner to soften the look. I featured a pic of myself wearing Velvet Teddy — just so you guys can see that it is wearable!

Velvet Teddy Swatch


Vamp it Up x Wet n’ Wild MegaLast Lip Color ($2)  – This semi-matte blackened purple pays homage to the 90’s. This is my go to lip color when I want to look vampy, dark and mysterious.


Tea Rose x e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color ($3)  – This matte dusty rose lipstick is another nude fav or mine. Paired with a cool-tone brown lip liner, this lipstick is the perfect pinky nude for dark skin tones. This is a very unique nude in that it looks slightly lilac



Flat out Fabulous x MAC ($15) – This matte bright plum lipstick is the perfect marriage between fuchsia and hot pink! I love this lipstick as a subtle pop of color.




RiRi Woo x MAC ($15) – This retro matte cool-toned red is by far my favorite red lipstick to date. This lipstick looks beautiful on dark skin tones, and can be paired with a burgundy lip liner for a vampy look. Since this lipstick is LE, NYX Chic Red Round LipstickΒ ($4) serves as a great dupe.




Would you wear any of these lipsticks?Β 

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