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Hi my name is Kori, and I am a makeup stan. I love beauty and I LOVE people who share the same passion as I do. Instagram phenom and professional makeup artist Drini Marie is one amazing artist who undoubtedly is in it for the love of the game, and I admire her work and willingness to share with other budding MUA’s. Drini who hails from LA, studied fashion merchandising and design with dreams of creating a line of affordable clothing for plus-sized women before diving into the world of beauty. She shared that makeup was something she stumbled upon, and that “…it was something that literally just happened and when I realized there was major potential to make real money from it, I tackled it head on and here I am today. ” And thank God she did!


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Why Makeup   

Makeup is such a beautiful art form. To experience transforming someone and often watching their confidence blossom in a matter of minutes is priceless. Most people view makeup artistry with such disdain, but don’t realize the impact it has on women who weren’t born with flawless skin and to some, amazing features. And while I’m all about universal beauty and the uniqueness in non-conventional beauty, some women feel more confident with makeup on, so to be a part of that is a blessing.

Beauty According to Drini

I feel like we were born natural and we’ll die natural, so I live to spice it up in between. Why not go there? Obviously I cater to the needs and requests of my clients and can go from bare to THERE, but I’m all for the art of it all……color, glitter, highlighting, contouring and so on! Whatever makes you happy!

Screenshot_2015-03-05-20-09-00On Her Biggest Inspirations 

Well I’m inspired by artists like Kevyn Aucoin, Sam Fine, Scott Barnes, Billy B, Pat McGrath……artists who have bridged the gap between couture and editorial seamlessly. But I’m also inspired by visually appealing references such as fabric, landscapes, abstract art, etc. I can create a look from pretty much any visual reference.

The Big Picture

My master plan is essentially to create my own line of cosmetics, practical and essential with a touch of glam. I would also love to take makeup classes worldwide. There are aspiring artists all over the world who lack the confidence, key techniques and products, to really move forward in their careers because they don’t have the resources and people who care enough to teach them.  

drini 4Advice For Budding MUA’s 

My advice to all mua’s is to pace yourself. Never be afraid to work under someone and invest in yourself, whether that be purchasing quality products, classes or advertising.  And most importantly, remain humble and keep God at the forefront.

Her Fantasy Celeb Makeover

I would have loved to do Cher’s makeup back in the 70’s. She was absolutely, 100% not afraid of color, glitter, lashes or glam…..like she was a makeup artists dream!  

Drini on her Beauty Pet Peeves

Harshly drawn on eyebrows aren’t my fave, but everyone from time to time can have a heavy hand. Super matte foundation irritates my life b/c it makes women look casket ready. And I don’t like when eyelashes don’t sit properly on ones natural lash line.

Check out even MORE of Drini’s work and find out her MUST HAVE products!

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Don’t you just love her! Be sure to follow @missdrini on social media.

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