Underbeat CollageThe art of makeup has taken on a life of its own especially over social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. With thousands of budding and veteran MUAs displaying their work, Instagram is the perfect place to grab a seat and witness firsthand the latest trends in beauty and cosmetics literally minutes after they’ve been created. Different ideals of what constitutes the perfect made up face all lie within the eye of the beholder, but one trend that has become center stage is the “under beat” look.

The “under beat” is all about minimalism and “appearing” to have no makeup on at all, even though you do. Think along the lines of what you would see in a cosmetic campaign or how you would do your makeup if your bae was coming over for a movie date. Just in case you still aren’t sure what we mean, we pulled together some of Instagram’s best “under beat” natural makeup looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who are some of your favorite “natural” beauties?

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