I was legitimately blessed this fashion week season and for the first time covered backstage beauty and hair for Noon by Noor, Tracy Reese, David Tlale, Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief, and Libertine. Although I absolutely LOVE attending the shows, the back of house has a completely different energy and is so interesting to witness firsthand. For starters, it is an organized chaos of hair, makeup, clothing, and personality! There literally is no telling who you will see, or what hot new beauty or hair trend you may witness live and in the flesh. I will do my best to summarize everything that  I encountered and leave nothing out! Be sure to stay tuned to my blog all week to get the play by play on my #fashionweekbreakdown. Enjoy!

LibertineLibertine 2015 Collage

Magenta Madness, MAC Cosmetics
Magenta Madness, MAC Cosmetics

Hair for Libertine was sponsored by Catwalk by TIGI, and was inspired by lead designer Hartig’s travels to India. The look for the show included an amazing hot pink stripe down the center part of each models hair. Makeup was provided by MAC Cosmetics under the direction of lead artist Chantel Miller. Eyes were the main focal point for beauty and included a smudged textural smoky eye designed to look as if the models rolled right out of bed. The eye was created using several types of eyeliners and shadows all with a different finish to create dimension and visual interest. The end result was very cool looking.

David Tlale

David Tlale Collage

Carbon, MAC Cosmetics
Carbon, MAC Cosmetics

For the David Tlale I covered makeup which was provided by MAC Cosmetics and led by PRO MAC Artist Louise Zizzo. When describing the eye, Zizzo shared that “It’s all about the aftermath, so I wanted to create a beautiful woman, but with a slightly tougher edge. So the makeup is still beautiful but we are cutting these lines through the liner to give it a     tribal toughness.”

Tracy ReeseLa Prairie Collage


I literally went to heaven while backstage the Tracy Reese Fall 2015 runway presentation. Tracy literally pulled out all the stops and only had beauty and hair’s best working on her models. Hair was led by celebrity stylist Bok-Hee for Shea Moisture and makeup was provided by La Prairie under the direction of THEE makeup master Sir JohnFor makeup the focus was on skin and eyes. Minimal concealer was used and foundation infused with lots of moisturizer helped to create a flawless skin finish. For the eyes Sir John took a flat makeup brush with part of the hairs cut out to create the striked eyeshadow effect. He shared that “The eyes are the statement, we wanted to make sure the eyes convey or exude motion.  So that is really the statement piece here.  It’s really graphic liner on acid os steroids you know? In colors of a maroon/bronze, in colors of a navy/cobalt and like this olivey green situation.”

Noon By Noor

noon by noor backstage collage

Fix + , MAC Cosmetics
Fix + , MAC Cosmetics

The hair and makeup for Noon by Noor was very relaxed and simple. Hair was sponsored by Cutler/Redken and designed by lead stylist Linh Nguyen.  Makeup was done by MAC Cosmetics and led by MAC PRO Artist Tiffany Johnston.  Makeup was super clean with a simple touch of color using colored eyeliner. Johnston created the extremely chic look by using lots of primer to prep the skin, minimal foundation, no mascara, and super moisturized natural lips. For the eyes she used a water-based mixing medium and silver, bronze, and lavender pigments to create the liner. She described the look as something  “inspired by modern New York and the structured clothing of the collection. The makeup is really a spring look for fall.”

Want More Behind The Scenes Access? Check Out More Gallery Below:

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