MAKE ME OVER MONDAY: Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques

I’ve never met a Real Techniques brush I didn’t like, so when I heard about their new Bold Metals Collection I had a panic attack. I already use my RT brushes everyday, and knew that their new brushes would be amazing! This new line which is designed for a more seasoned makeup artist, is a bit pricier and for good reason.  Here are my top three reasons why these brushes are a must buy:

#1 –  EXTREME SOFTNESS AND SHAPE– The Bold Collection remains cruelty-free and is made with synthetic fibers, but of the highest quality. This makes the brushes much more softer than ever before! Also, each hair is individually tapered and shaped to really get into every nook and cranny of your face. I still can’t get over the shape of the triangle foundation brush!

#2 –  THE PERFECT HANDLE – The handles of each of the brushes are triangular so that when they are placed on a flat surface they won’t roll. GENIUS! I love when a brand really thinks through the practical use of their product, makes me feel like they care 🙂 .

#3WEIGHTED HANDLE – The weighted handle of each brush, causes the fibers  to tip forward when applying your makeup. This offers a bit of resistance, and is useful when controlling the motion of your strokes.

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Obsessed yet? Which brushes are you getting?


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