Back when I wrote for EDGE Magazine, I had the privilege of interviewing the “Eyelash Guru to the Stars” Ja’maal Buster. I was so super excited because #1 I LOVE lashes and #2 Ja’maal has worked with countless celebrities including Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kim K. I followed Ja’maal and his work and truly learned a lot from our brief encounter. Check out a snippet of my interview that originally appeared on EDGE Magazine Site.

What advice would give your younger self about what you know now concerning the business of beauty?

I don’t think I would want any advice for my younger self, from what I know now. I feel and believe that my mistakes in business have gotten me to the point I am now. I think that we all need to make mistakes to learn and grow. It’s all apart of life. If everything about having your own business was easy, then anyone could do it.

What’s is your biggest piece of advice for concerning branding?

Identify Your Competition: Knowing how your competition brands themselves can help you in developing your own brand.

jamaal busterHow do you maintain your integrity in such a competitive industry? 

Honestly, I just enjoy what I have built. I dont really have time to watch what my competition has going on. I know my product is great, and always try to offer and experience that people will never forget.

How is it to have an amazing roster of celebrity clientele?

I’m more intrigued and in love with the person that is behind the celebrity…the manager, the publicist .There are actually people that have built these celebrities; no one can do it by themselves

Did you always know you would make it big within the beauty industry?

I always knew whatever I did I was going to be the best…but for the most part of it, my journey was free formed.

What message would you like people to walk away with from this interview?

You have to definitely believe in what your brand is and then go with it, and don’t let anybody tell you that “oh that’s not going to work” maybe they tried to do something and it didn’t work for them doesn’t mean that it’s not going out work for you.

So class, what did you learn? 



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