The-Bossy-Collection-Lipglosses-Heidi-D-Cosmetics-VIBE-Vixen (1)Heidi Denha, of Heidi D. Cosmetics is a force to be reckoned with. The Arizona born, self taught MUA with a degree in business management, literally fell into her role as CEO of a her own cosmetic label. Starting out with zero experience doing makeup, Heidi found her niche and has since been recognized by countless publications including Vibe Vixen and Glamour. She currently works from 6 Salon in downtown Royal Oak. But enough from me, read on to hear directly from Heidi!

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How Did You Fall In Love With Makeup?

As I was working on my degree I fell into a job that required me doing makeup. I never wore makeup and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was intrigued and started to practice on everyone and found myself being booked up really  quick.

How Did You Actually Start?
I started working for Mac and decided that I could do what they were doing and wanted to branch out on my own. I was offered an opportunity  to start my own business working out of a salon where I could run my own operation and I always knew I wouldn’t have a boss so it was my chance and started doing business as Heidi D. Cosmetics
What inspires your new collections?
Mac inspires me with the different collections I do come out with new and fun limited collections. Also, my daughter inspires me. She’s always asking me questions that get me to start thinking like a kid again which gives me my creativity.
What is your best advice for other entrepreneurs?
My advice is to stick to one thing. Mastering that one thing and stay recreating it until it’s gold. Also don’t let the negative things that people say discourage you.
What is one crazy thing about brand?  
It’s ironic that I have a beauty brand because I never cared for makeup and I’m not a tedious person, I’m very laid back so it’s funny that I never wore it but here I am now creating it and selling it.
Face any challenges developing Heidi D. Cosmetics?
The challenges I faced were having absolutely no one to mentor me. Now, everyone has their own business at a Young age.  When I was starting I had no guidance or anything to go from. I looked to big corporations because it wasn’t any small makeup companies, it was me alone.  Finding manufacturers to do low minimums was rough. I had to invest allot and because I had worked so hard I had the money to do so. I invested in my ideas.
What legacy do you hope to leave?
I just hope I inspire women to have their own life. Naturally we want to live someone else and help that other person become their best but as women we need to set ourselves up for freedom to do what you want. Beauty is great but being in charge of your own life is everything


Thank you Heidi and 6 Salon for having me! Check out her site ASAP

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