shoot-01-0122-9cmykEurope LOWEvery stained your favorite shirt with lip gloss but didn’t know how to fix it? Or maybe you’ve spent 15 minutes ironing your outfit, just to discover the wrinkles all returned as soon as you got in the car. Well the good news is, there are a few magic fashion tricks to combat these annoying problems. Keep reading on to learn all about them!

To remove pesky oil stains from clothing and some accessories, cover the mark with baby powder and let it stand overnight. By morning, the stain should be gone. If a bit still remains, repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.


To prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled after ironing, let them rest for a bit before putting them on. Five minutes should just about do the trick.


To clean and remove dirt from your favorite pair of suede heels, remove the crust from a piece of bread and allow it to become stale. Gently rub dirt and stains with the edge of the stale bread, and they’ll disappear. Try using an eraser or nail file getting rid ofΒ scuff marks.

Do you have any other tried and true fashion remedies? Well don’t keep them to yourself share!

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