London Fashion Week - Day Two

Listen up ladies and gents, we are T-minus X number of days away from Fall Fashion Week (Feb 12-19th) and if you have always wanted to go, ย now is the time to put your plans into motion. I didn’t becomeย aware that non-industry professionals were able to attend fashion week until I was a senior in college , but want to help YOU save time and get there with these top three ways. Hope this comes in handyย and that I see you in the tents!Volunteers_PhotoVolunteer

Yes, yes we would all love to be front row with Anna devouring the season’ s latest, but that may not always be the case at first. The first several times I attended fashion week I went as a volunteer. Now don’t go turning up your nose up at setting up chairs or picking up trash, when the lights go down and runway is unveiled, you get to see the same show as the industry’s top editors. Not to mention you may get to take home a cool shirt as a souvenir. If you do get ย to volunteer, make sure you are indispensable and make great connections. Use your time wisely. The goal is to be invited back!

Note:ย Aside from the Mercedes-Benz website PR Agencies, internship sites, and even are great tools to landing a gig. Fashion is a very is a very last minute industry so often times opportunities spring up the week of.ย 

images (3)Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Website

Love doing hair, makeup, taking pictures, or writing? There is literally a lane for everyone. Head on over to and apply for an industy pass. A little heads up you will need to offer up professional credentials and a letter of verification, but having a pass within the tents is golden when it comes to getting into shows. Right now registration is still open, but it will close within the next few weeks. So RUN don’t walk!

Don’t yet have enough professional credentials to land you a press pass? Go on behalf of someone else! Research online fashion sites or large blogs that get hundreds of invites per season. No one person can attend the thousands of shows and events that go on throughout the week, and help is needed! Email you fav magazine editor and/or blog and see if they need extra help during fashion week . You would be surprised who says Yes! In the words of my mom “the worst they can say is ‘No'” So ask away! Having writing samples will come in handy, make sure to email samples of your work when pitching to editors, and keep in mind the “voice” of their publication.

23Take A Chance!

You’d be surprised how easy it is to get into shows and events once you actually get to NY. Every show has a stand-by list that you can be added to in the event that someone doesn’t show up or a seat-filler is needed.ย I have even heard cases of people getting backstage and helping just by wearing all black and wearing a headset. Although this is risky it just may work. Do be advised that this should be done with caution, you don’t want to ruin your reputation or burn bridges by being the crazypants stalker lol.

Any questions? How do you plan on getting to Fashion Week?

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