10277045_520209198102439_616834825770708557_n“Dream hard, work harder, pray hardest.”

What would happen if fashion and faith meet? This is the question that Jireh DeJose a fashion and Jesus loving blogger seeks to answer. Jireh or Ji for short is an extremely talented fashion designer with a killer sense of style. Coincidentally Ji and I met at work but really didn’t “meet” until I saw her out and about at a local fashion show. From there, our friendship and shared love of God and fashion took off. I am certain that the two of us crossing paths and being able to work side-by-side daily is no coincidence. Ji is extremely hardworking and even more dedicated to her mission of sharing God in a stylish way!  To boot, this girl never has an off day fashion-wise either, and that is no small feat considering we are required to be up and fully functional at 5am. To watch her work is to witness her passion first-hand. Whenever we have a moments break whether it be for a few short minutes or while at lunch, it’s not unusual to see Jireh pouring herself over the latest inspirational book, or typing away feverishly on her iPad in order to meet a deadline or get a story posted. Whatever your religious preference, I am certain that you will be able to take something away from my interview with fashionMeetsGod that you can apply to your life. So without further adieu please meet my dear friend, Ms. Jireh DeJose!

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Colour By Numbr:  So Ji, How did you start fashion meets God?

fashionmeetsGod:  When I moved to the Philippines I wanted to keep my friends and family from the States updated on all that I was doing at fashion school and my life abroad. The blog was originally called “Just Jireh” in 2010 until I felt very led by God to combine my two passions: my faith and fashion. In October 2013, fashion meets God was born. Now I share anything from my style inspirations, designer collection reviews, and recent shopping purchases to how God is working in my life, the lives of others, and His goodness!

CB#: Did you have any hurdles that you had to jump over?

fashionmeetsGod:  Did I ever. When I transitioned into fashion meets God, I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know how people would respond, if it would succeed, and a whole lot of spiritual warfare in between. But because it was a God-given command, I knew I couldn’t say no. Ever since, He has given me opportunities I’ve never imagined while networking with those who have the same beliefs and interests I do. When someone comments that they felt very inspired and thankful for a post, I’m assured that I am right where God wants me to be.

CB#: What’s your “Master Plan”for fashion meets God and yourself individually?

fmG: I’d love for fashion meets God to continually grow and inspire people in their style, but more importantly, to encourage them in their everyday life. I’d like for fmG to dive into the business side, too, by creating an online store in the future.

CB#: What Inspires You To Create new posts?

fmG: I’m inspired by Rachel Zoe and Vanessa Hudgens for their bohemian style, Tommy Ton and The Sartorialist’s street style galleries, Pinterest, and Tumblr. I love Tumblr because there’s so much style variety and unique pieces I come across which inspires me to make something similar to it.

CB#: Do you have any interesting or unusual stories?

fmG: For my graduation collection, I designed 24 looks, sewed 12, and only 4 ultimately walked the runway. It revealed the true grittiness of this design industry and it was one of the most challenging moments of my life but also the most rewarding. It taught me to persevere; to never give up, and that the hardest trials build your faith and character. img_1475

Get to Know JI!

I was born in Detroit and have lived in Michigan most of my life. I graduated from Brandon High School and have a degree in fashion design and marketing from SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts) Design Institute in the Philippines. I am now a writer for Detroit Fashion News, a blogger at fashion meets God, and the Accessory Manager at Forever 21.

Ji On Her Creative Process

I love going to the library or Starbucks to get work done. I can barely accomplish anything at home and background music is a definite must!

Her Advice for Other Designers and Bloggers

Blog what you live, don’t just live to blog. Don’t compare yourself with others, constantly gain inspiration and creativity, and be innovative.

Her #1 Fashion Pet Peeve

Leggings with Uggs. Especially seen in spring and summer. Really?

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