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There’s no such thing as an overnight success, especially in the world of fashion. It can take years of effort before an individuals’ talent is fully recognized. Right now Detroit based fashion stylist and denim designer Marvin Deshawn Neal or Marv Neal is finally receiving his due credit, but what most don’t know is that Neal has quietly been honing his craft for quite some time now. This shouldn’t be surprising coming from someone born into a fashion family full of seamstresses and tailors, Marv’s love for style literally is apart of his DNA. Neal even admits that his love for fashion, “… was always there. It was always about fashion even in the 90s or in high school or even as far back as elementary, there was nothing else I wanted to do…” As the saying goes, hard work pays off, and in the case of Mr. Neal the saying proves true. Enough of hearing me talk, meet Marv for yourself. Continue on to learn a little more about the man behind the hanger.

How Did You Start?

That’s kinda hard to narrow down… friends would ask me to help them with their  outfits when we were partying hard,  and my cousins had a rap group called D.M.B, I would dress them for shoots or they would come get my clothes …. But professional wise  it was with the help of my friends that knew my love for styling or having a eye so when someone was having a shoot or needed someone to go shopping for them they would call around 2010 . I just built as I went from having a small Polo Book bag with all of my things to vista print cards  showing that I was serious  about the gig .

Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 4.55.41 AM Why Fashion?  What draws you to this crazy industry? 

Aww man I don’t know its just always been my first love  and I’ve never fell out of love with her lol I think my family always knew i would do something within the industry cause while all the other kids were playing i was making sure i was fresh back then I wanted the older folks in the hood to say lil man you fresh  you know

How would you describe your own personal style? 

Jeanous  lol Jean.ous/Gen-yes/Noun Something Or Someone embodying originality,creativity to a degree that is beyond this world. Marv Neal….Jeanous but no seriously  I love high and low end fashion.  The ghetto chicness of it.  You know, sort of like if  you are from a working class  family and always dream of the whole Brooks Brothers suit but can afford the coat so you have to make it work from there.  Thats me,  I keep it simple and i turn it up a notch .

Did you face any challenges developing your brand?

Not really or maybe cause I still feel like I’m building  but its no more challenging than what any other stylist would face.  I think cause I’m a man that does men and women’s fashion period there will be certain things people think or wonder, but I just let my work speak. It’s about the work  really .


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Who or what are your fashion inspirations, what inspires you to create new pieces?

I really love music  that’s a great inspiration for me I really appreciate and individual that don’t ask for permission …. Cher … Diane Keaton … Grace Jones … Lil Kim  … Kanye  so on and so on I think just seeing the hunger these new designers  have and come up with makes you want to get your hands on it all and work some magic .

What’s your “Master Plan” for your brand and yourself individually?

To ultimately  be the  go-to guy for men’s and women’s urban or high fashion. I would love to  be the creative director of a fashion house, and styling big ads for magazines in the veins of a Tom Ford,  Andre Leon Talley, or Sean Combs  .

Any advice for other stylists or entrepreneurs?  

Stay at it man it’s going to be hard. Go to set ready to hustle and work and be quiet don’t bring your friends  … shoot more than you would like to  every chance you get  starting out TFP ( trade for print ) is your friend. It’s how you build a portfolio and make connects … make sure its your love and not a hobby, because  people will trust you with their garments they don’t need anyone that is not going to respect their craft as well just work work work .


Any crazy styling stories?

The Toni Braxton Job  … I didn’t meet her lol  …. I met all the sisters and her team  but didn’t meet here so I was hand sewing clothes and jewelry passed it to her costume designer/ stylist Recco Chappelle  and that was that.  So I received credit for wardrobe stylist but I never met her  so that was interesting  lol . Great experience tho taught me a lot.10665315_10205024610041491_3442932068579185559_n


Any Last Words?

I appreciate you all wanting to feature me  but I just want them to know that the wardrobe stylist or creative directors job is very grueling  even tho it looks glam and fun its a very strict hustle  so when you want to hire one or consult with one respect their vision and time and pay rate  🙂



Check him out guys!

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