taupe listick collageTaupe colored lipstick has quietly taken over the beauty scene for quite some time now.  The unusual lip color I must admit is one that I slept on, until I saw it worn by another blogger. With my curiosity sparked I ventured off to my local ULTA and purchased my first shade of the color.  After trying it on, I wasn’t convinced it would work until I tried it a second time with a darker brown lipliner and VOILA! I fell in love. Here are a few must-have tubes of taupe lipstick that I think you should try! Enjoy

NYX Matte Lipstick- MaisonNyx-Maison Maybelline Earthly Taupe LipstickMaybelline-Earthy-Taupe-Lipstick_1ab1d9db70b983af47e24c7aa62f454f_images_mini

NARS Bilbao Satin Lipsticknars bilbao

So ladies, what do you think? Is this a shade that you would be willing to try?

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