mom jeans

They say we all eventually turn into our mothers, but who would have guessed in a million years that it would mean borrowing some of her clothes. Apologies are definitely in order for all the times we’ve poked fun of our mum’s sense of style, especially when she wore those infamous “mom jeans” to our PTA meetings. Circling around a lot faster than expected, the fashion cycle has popularized the high-waist, elongated denim in a way no one saw coming. The “momjean” has become a huge hit with bloggers and even trickled its way across to fashion enthusiasts and retailers like ASOS and Urban Outfitters. It’s understandable if the thought of wearing something that your mother may have in her closet makes you cringe, so let us help by taking the guesswork out of rocking this trend.

Check out 5 updated ways to make mom jeans your own.

Cuffed and Heels

A nude strappy heel and cuffed hem never hurt anybody! Although wearing high-waist denim may seem a bit casual, you can easily elevate your look with small touches and great accessories like the perfect pair of killer shoes—denim paired with high heels and a hint of bare ankle screams chic and is timelessness. Throw in an expensive jacket or clutch, and you are good to go!

The Crop Topcrop top

When it comes to accentuating your curves or the ones you wish you had, mom jeans are a one size fits all style that looks great on almost any figure. If you happen to be slender or have a boxy shape, longer cut denim and pockets will give you the illusion of an hour glass figure. And for those already curvy girls with a little more to offer, the throwback style not only hugs in all the right places, but also helps to hold in the areas that may need it most. A crop top paired with these bottoms will flatter your figure just right.


Distressed DIYdistressed diy

Did someone say DIY?!?! Calling all craft-loving thrifty StyleBlazers! Grab a bottle of vino, a pair of scissors and call the girls. You have just been assigned your next weekend craft project. Not only is making a pair of distressed mom jeans super easy and cheap, but it also allows you to customize your denim and ensure that no one will have your look. Now run, don’t walk, to YouTube! But before you go, be sure to head to your local thrift or second hand store for jeans galore and  more vintage inspiration.



The possibilities are endless once you find the perfect cut of mommy dearest inspired denim. If our distressed DIY challenge seemed like child’s play, try taking things further by making your own high-waist cut offs. However, pay attention to the wash of denim if you intend to wear them past the summer. Opt for a darker wash that will work as more of a transition color between seasons.


Casual Layerscasual layers

K.I.S.S—Keep It Simple StyleBlazers. Sometimes it is best to go with the flow, and denim by nature is a universally easy to wear and comfortable fabric that pairs well with other fabrics. So serve up a dose of casual chic with long oversized layers, because looking effortless is always IN. And did we mention that layering your look is also another great trick to take your wardrobe into fall?

How do you like to rock your mom jeans?

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