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I know I’m not the only one who stans on social media over some of the beauty and fashion industries best. Well just recently the beauty stars aligned and I, Kori C. Fields…wait for it… got a chance to not only meet Alexandra Butler (@themuaalex)- one of my favorite MUA’s – but also got the opportunity to assist and pick her brain during her Beautiful Face: Makeup 101 Tour. The entire experience from start to finish was life-changing (I’m dramatic) and I really learned a lot in a short amount of time, like using Milk of Magnesia as a facial primer to combat oil and shine. Let me say that Alex is amazing not only because she is an absolute beast at makeup, but as a person too. She is extremely funny, humble, (soalex much so that she doesn’t like to be called a celebrity MUA) and willing to share her craft and story with whomever wants to know. Not many people are willing to do so for up and coming beauty enthusiast so I really appreciated her for sharing. Anywho, if you happen to be one of Alex’s 30K+ followers on Instagram, watch her tutorials on YouTube, or see her work on VH1’s hit reality show Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, it is easy to lose sight of her journey. Like most people I interview, I was intrigued not such much with the success that Alex currently has, but in the how. That is where a person’s true character is told, and where I always draw the most inspiration. Mixing beauty and brains, Alex has a very unique story. Despite being an extremely creative child and always having to draw and doodle on anything she could get her hands on, Alex studied and pursued a career in Industrial Engineering. After working for a while, feeling unfulfilled, and absolutely hating her job she began posting makeup tutorial videos on Youtube and decided to try her hand at professional make11870_505402069507049_1668053079_nup by freelancing for MAC. Upon getting fired from her day job because of her lack of interest, she decided to pack up her life and move toAtlanta on a whim. In Atlanta, she continued to freelance for MAC eventually landing a job at the counter. It was a chance encounter with an industry producer that would later introduce her to the rapper Da Brat that thing’s would begin change. One major turning point that Butler accredits to her success occurred when she began tithing in church. Alex went on to reveal that she “worked for MAC for almost 3 years, and then I was able to open my wings to freelancing full-time. I was not trained, all self taught. I believe my first BIG break was working on set of Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. That was in February 2012.” As things picked up with LAHHATL Alex left the MAC counter and began working for herself full-time. Currently Alex has turned the makeup world upside down and is literally on a world tour teaching beauty to the masses through her Beautiful Face: Makeup 101 Tour. In between touring and teaching she still manages to find the time to BEAT the faces of countless women and men. If you get the chance to attend her class, I promise that it will be well worth your time. Her work speaks for itself and so does her and work ethic and drive.

Some of @themuaalex Beauty MUST HAVES! 

 Her Advice for Aspiring MUA and Entrepreneurs

My biggest advice is to not give up and to perfect your craft. Utilize the fact that you are not established so that you can practice and build your experience.

Her #1 beauty pet –peeve

I really take it personal when women have horrible eye brows or the extra fake looking brows, or if ladies don’t match their skin color correctly.

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 8.39.40 PMFollow Alex and check out her work! She also is really good about feedback and answering questions.

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Butler Facebook and Instagram @themuaalex

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