Call me biased, but Detroit cultivates magic. Melissa Butler CEO and Mixologist of The Lip Bar a luxury line of handcrafted lipsticks, further proves my point. Butler is a woman that knows what she wants and refuses to settle for mediocrity. After earning a degree in Business from Florida A&M, Melissa packed up her bags and moved to New York for a career on Wall Street. Once there, she quicklydiscovered that her true calling lied elsewhere. But instead of balling up in the fetal position and calling it quits, Melissa “…decided to stop complaining and change my situation. And for her, lipstick was the answer. Ghost-Note-Agency-Portfolio-Home-Logos-Lip-BarA self-professed “product junkie” Butler admits to loving all forms of cosmetics, but holds a special place in her heart for lipstick. “It goes beyond the average beauty enhancer, for me, it isn’t just another form of makeup, it’s a fashion accessory, It’s the only cosmetic that can take your look from 0 to 10 with the simple glide of color.” With this same devotion Melissa has artfully crafted a line of products that not only look nice but are good for you. “We use natural ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E . Our aim is to “color outside the lines”, in other words, create colors that are shunned and non-existent in the mass market.” Each shade is inspired by popular cocktails and includes outlandish hues that scream look at me. “Most people think that lipstick should only come in reds, pinks and nudes. And we come to disrupt that idea and encourage daring hues that express your true personality as well as proving you make the lipstick, the lipstick doesn’t make you.”Crafting a line of makeup from the ground up did come with it’s own unique set of challenges for. 56Despite her financial background, Melissa bravely, tackled the cosmetic industry with little to no experience. She admits that in the process of concocting her pigments she “…must’ve made 5,000 lipsticks…before I arrived at the perfect formula and colors that I truly loved…. It took almost a year of experimenting and researching to arrive at a product that I would be proud of…”  To overcome the many challenges that arose, Melissa relied on the support of her family and friends. She also stood on her unwavering faith in herself and belief in her dreams. When asked what distinguished her product from others on the market, she didn’t rattle of any textbook answers about the features, advantages, or benefits of her brand. Instead Melissa firmly stated that she surpasses “the competition by believing in myself and staying prayerful…” The Lipbar will certainly go on to reach unmatched heights in the world of beauty and as for Melissa Butler she continues to stay optimistic of the brand and its future. She one day hopes to expand the line into other beauty and health care products, but for now plans to “build the brand and take over the cosmetic industry one lipstick at a time.”

editorimagessmall blowing kiss melissa
Melissa’s Tips on Branding and Staying Motivated
NEVER GIVE UP! There will be SO many times you feel inadequate but you have to believe in yourself.  Continue to pursue your dreams. KNOW that everything won’t go as planned and always have not one but two backups…. 
Build your brand and perfect your craft. There’s no need to be mediocre at a bunch of things. Focus on the ONE thing you are passionate about and give it your all. The longer your business has to compete for your time, the harder it’ll be for progress.
RESEARCH. When I decided I was going to handcraft my lipsticks as opposed to having it mass manufactured, I read every book and article I could find on lipstick, skin care and natural healing. It was overwhelming at first but it was fun interesting and that’s what kept me motivated.
Check out The Lip Bar’s latest collection The Wine List! If you are looking to change your look up a bit for fall I recommend trying Noir. 
Photos Credits: The Lip Bar

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