We all have those days, when you barely feel like leaving bed, and getting dressed  is the last thing on your mind. For those times, having a few fashion secret weapons tucked away in your closet not only saves time, but takes the pressure off when you don’t really feel like thinking about what to wear. A fashion secret weapon is any one piece of clothing or accessory that has the potential to pull you together with minimal effort. Think of it this way, if all you had on were a pair of jean and white tank your fashion secret weapon could be anything from a great leather jacket to a pair of over the knee boot! Check out a few statement pieces that have major potential to become your next fashion secret weapon.

New Look Gold Contrast Gem Chain Necklace, $40.00

gold chain necklace


Mossimo Supply Co.Fringe Crossbody Handbag, $26.99Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 5.17.30 AM

Rivers Island Yellow Leather Biker Jacket, $260.00river-island-yellow-bright-yellow-zipped-collar-biker-jacket-product-1-18408003-0-508637627-normal_large_flexMANGO TriColor Leather Gloves, $59.99mango tricolor leather gloves

What is one item of clothing that you know will instantly take you from drab to fab? 

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