somayanet2 Who says there isn’t any fashion talent in Detroit? Sianna Treece a local designer and artist, is taking the design scene in Metro-Detroit by storm all while kicking butt and taking the names of any of her naysayers along the way. The imaginative collection has electrified the city, been featured in a host of fashion shows, was worn by Kenya Moore on  Bravo’s hit show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and even graced the pages of British VOUGE.

The line according to Ms. Treece draws “from her love of sophistication, quality textiles, and accentuating the feminine figure…” Inspired by the world around her, Siana is a fine artist and approaches her love for clothing the same way she would a work of art. “Because I am also an artist, I feel like designing a garment is the equivalent to creating a painting. The body is the canvas and the fabric is the paint.” The key to her creatively lies in her vivid imagination. Drawing inspiration from everything from texture and color, to nature and things others would find unattractive, Siana offered a brief glimpse into the world that is her mind. “Sometimes I have a detailed scene in my head and I try to design garments that would fit perfectly into the scene. This puts many images in my mind…I try to manifest these notions in my designs.” Ms. Treece has always had a knack for art and fashion. Even as a high schooler she majored in art and had a concentration in Fashion Designer as an upperclassmen. Upon graduating she went on to study design in Chicago at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. Despite how far this Motown gal goes she has never forgotten the beauty that lies in her hometown. “I love my city! There is just so much talent and creativity here and I’m so glad that I can be apart of it. I feel like my fellow Detroiter’s are just busting at the seams with new ideas and new creativity and I can see the artistic side of the D expanding!”

Isn’t Siana’s eye unreal! Be sure to visit her site and follow on IG and Facebook!


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