Hugo By Hugo Boss: Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Rejoice Fashion Lovers! Keeping up with the latest fashion trends just got easier. Consider this your personal Trend Cheat Sheet and rest assured that you will pass your next Style Exam with flying colors. This is your chance to be in the “Fashion Know” before retailers even think about stocking their shelves, so plan ahead and get your fashion must haves early. Now don’t go getting all shy, anyone can pull off the predicted trends. Just remember to break down each idea a piece at a time and don’t bombard your frame with too much of one look. If it helps, start small with a statement shoe or great top and keep the rest simple.  As you get comfortable build upon your fashion know how, then shine baby shine!

But before we start our cram session here are a few ground rules that will help steer you in the right direction:

  1. Not everything is for every”BODY”. When deciding whether or not to try out something new, consider your body type and what looks best on you. What part of your body do you absolutely LOVE? What part of your body would you like to camouflage? Figuring out the answers to these two questions are great starting points to learning what works best for you! medium_body_ls
  1. Think of a trend report as a guide of what’s to come, not the end all be all. There is nothing worse than seeing a person being a slave to their own outfit. Fashion is not a one style fits all kind of thing. If you like a new fashion idea, tweak it and add your own twist to it! 33525c356a0c097d39eec374ed624a9f
  1. Do take a risk and try a new style if you think it will work for you. If it doesn’t simply move on to the next. Remember fashion should be fun and represent you!

henry-holland-ebay-shopWhat are some fashion rules that always follow? Which ones do you steer clear of? Let’s get to talking!


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