Written By: Nesha J. @neshaboots


This 60โ€™s trend has been popping up on runways for many seasons. It appears to be a signature go-to look for so many women. This look not only elongates the eye, but also adds intensity and creates an eyelift for those with low hanging lids. A thin flick can be worn to the office, or a thicker more graphic flick for a night out. Many girls have asked me what do I used to get that perfect line?


For the past year, I have been using Lorealโ€™s Infallible The Super Slim by Infallible Black Precision Liner. This liner is a felt tip, 12-hour wear liner ($8.95). The 0.4mm felt tip claims to โ€œglide on smoothly with continuous and even flow in one stroke creates sleek and sophisticated eyes.โ€ I have purchased this eyeliner twice, and I will say it is a staple product of mine. This sleek pen even includes a rubber grip to make the application a little more ย comfortable. Many girls struggle with liquid and gel eyeliner, particularly regulating the flow of product. By using a felt tip pen, the user can always start off with a thin line and buildย up.

ย ย loreal_paris_super_liner_perfect_slim__siyah_eyeliner

Feline flick

The perfect feline flick takes practice, but by using this pen you will be a pro in no time! For even more beauty looks, and tips, follow @neshaboots on Instagram.

5 thoughts on “MAKE ME OVER: The Perfect Feline Flick

  1. finally!!!! ok I’m gonna work on mine ASAP!! also, which pen do I use for the color lines? does this one come in more colors?? thank you!! can’t wait for more tips!!


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