StyleBlazer Time Machine: Get Dionne Davenport’s ‘Clueless’ Style All Grown Up

Don’t we all remember staying up for hours spilling the tea about what happened in second period with our high school girlfriends? Or what about the bond made shopping for the perfect Homecoming dress? If you didn’t experience this firsthand, luckily the hit movie and sitcom Clueless perfectly captured all the fashionable ups and downs of the stylish Bff’s Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport. Of the two, Dionne may have sported some of the 90′s trendiest fashion. Who could forget the ridiculous scene where she pranced down the hall in her plaid suit and matching derby hat while talking to Cher? Classic. On Friday we celebrated Stacy Dash’s birthday with a look back at a few fashionable stills from Clueless. In this week’s time machine shopper we thought it would be fun to look forward to what Ms. Dionne Davenport’s style would be like all grown up.

Check out what we came up with.

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