How To Become A Camo Cutey Like Your Favorite Celebrities!

Attention Fashion Soldiers!!!!!  The military movement will be around for a few more seasons to come. Camouflage is back with a vengeance and has popped up in everything from athletic shoes, to accessories. Glam up like our girl RiRi and take your Fall wardrobe to new heights with these great tips!


Play Up Your Look. Camouflage is the new neutral of the print world. It can be worn with almost anything! Jazz things using fab accessories, and pair your camouflage with other trends like the faux fur, sequins, or leather.


Wear this trend from head to toe! Unless you’re going for the walking G.I. Joe Doll look, break things up. Pairing camouflage with crisp black always works. You could even mix in another print if you dare.


Bargain hunt!!! Your local thrift and army surplus stores are great places to start your search for the camo trend, plus they offer the looks in their original condition at a fraction of the cost.

Experimenting with this trend with these tips in mind will make you a camo cutie in no time!  Get out there and try your hand at the camo trend with stylish pants, jackets and more today!

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